You Don’t ‘Need’ to Have a Period At All if You Don’t Wanna

In the ever-wonderful discussion of menstrual politics—shaming vs. celebrating, managing vs. letting it all hang out—bowing out altogether from the period experience often gets short shrift. It shouldn’t, as not having your period at all is an increasingly viable option. But as periods become optional, their symbolic… »9/11/15 11:05am

Social Anxiety: A Tried-and-True Strategy for Selling Pads Since 1950

As we've covered before, Kotex were launched onto the American market in the early 20s with callbacks to World War I. A few decades later, they were taking a more conventional approach: needling at your social anxieties. Girls in the know get Kotex; girls without a fucking clue about how to act use some other brand! »3/23/15 1:00pm