College Advice Columnist 'Immensely Disgusted' By Period Sex

Yesterday, an undergraduate at Houston, Texas' Rice University asked the advice columnists at The Thresher, Rice's student paper, whether she should try period sex. "I read in "Cosmo" that 62 percent of men would be willing to have period sex," she wrote. "I'm interested but skeptical, especially about how my boyfriend… » 4/06/12 12:25pm 4/06/12 12:25pm

"Do You Have Any Vibrator Recommendations?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology » 7/25/08 4:20pm 7/25/08 4:20pm, the "advice" column in which we attempt to solve everyone's problems with an herbal remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, the Big Edie to my Little Edie, , helps me answer questions about anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Got a burning question? Send…

"How Do I Convince A Guy To Have Period Sex?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology, the advice column in which everyone's problems are solved with an "herbal" remedy. (Remember, kids: Don't do drugs!) In this episode, my friend till the end, Rich, helps me dole out advice on stuff like lactating, cream pies, and male virgins. Got a burning question?… » 5/23/08 4:20pm 5/23/08 4:20pm

Girl After Our Own Drunken, Period-Sexed Hearts Crashes Tyra

A bunch of "party girls" went on Tyra to talk about their heavy drinking and late nights out, but Tyra turned it into a therapy session of rehab, with counseling from Dr. Drew and reformed porn star Mary Carey, acting as sponsor. We were supposed to view the three party girls as having serious problems, but one girl,… » 5/08/08 4:00pm 5/08/08 4:00pm

Ten Days In The Life Of A Tampon

WARNING: The following is a really, really gross story. It may even qualify as "beyond gross." It also: signifies nothing, gives you wayyyy too much information, and is told by a total idiot. Its sole redeeming trait is that it involves a scenario we've all feared before — the one where you get a tampon stuck up inside… » 5/07/08 4:30pm 5/07/08 4:30pm

The One Thing (Besides Take A Dump) You Never Do In Front Of Dudes

About ten of you have emailed from Esquire about the things a man should never do in the company of a woman, like cleaning your gun or talking about the girls you used to fuck or "rapping" or blow-drying their hair. It's fun but not incredibly accurate; most of the dealbreakers, like calling a girl a "whore" in a way that … » 2/26/08 5:30pm 2/26/08 5:30pm

"How Many Times Is Too Many To Take Plan B In A Month?"

It's time for another installment of Pot Psychology, the advice column in which everyone's problems are solved with an "herbal" remedy. (Did we mention? Don't do drugs!) Gawker Media videographer Alex Goldberg filmed my answers this time, so I wouldn't have to deal with typing. Talking actually seemed just as difficult,… » 1/23/08 4:20pm 1/23/08 4:20pm

Dr. Ruth Personally Advises Us On Period Sex

On Saturday, some of the Jezebels went to brainstorm over S'mores at a coffee/sandwich shop, when, who should appear but Dr. Ruth. She shuffled by our table, all 50 inches of her — seriously, girlfriend is short! — and Anna was the first one to spot her. I was like, "Guys, I have to get my picture with her!" Anna said,… » 1/07/08 4:00pm 1/07/08 4:00pm