You Can Now Make Perfume That Smells Like Your Dead Loved Ones

Because it’s no longer acceptable to lovingly embalm your dead and keep them secretly entombed in your home, a new company has created something that’s almost as good: a perfume that smells like the living body of your dearly departed. It’s called Olfactory Links and isn’t half as creepy as you’d think. »6/16/15 7:10pm6/16/15 7:10pm

Scents Memories: My Life in Cool Water, And Other Perfumes

If someone held me down and drowned me in a vat of Cool Water by Davidoff, that fresh masculine scent that somehow evokes a deep-reaching lake, the '90s, and passionate but inept sex, I'd die happy. That's how attached I was, how fond I remain, of my first perfume. And that's not just a strange quirk of my brain;… »12/02/14 2:40pm12/02/14 2:40pm

World’s Most Expensive Perfume Costs $228K, Still Just Smelly-Ass Water

UK luxury department store Harrods is opening a special Salon de Parfum boutique (on the sixth floor!), and to mark the occasion, the retailer of some pretty costly perfume went all out to create the world's shiniest and most expensive bottle. It costs £143,000 (or over $228,000 USD). I want to buy it and spray… »10/04/14 2:30pm10/04/14 2:30pm

Katy Perry's New Perfume Ad Is a Socio-Political Nightmare

Katy Perry is the undeniable queen of glitzy glammy things that miss the mark. Whether it's sporting a ridiculous grill in an Ancient Egypt-themed music video or giving a performance in a smorgasbord of pan-Asian imagery (a visual P.F. Chang's), or having her backup dancers wear bodysuits that resemble a caricature »7/11/14 1:00pm7/11/14 1:00pm

These Disney Villain Perfume Bottles Will Please Your Inner Vixen

If smelling bad looks this good, then damn, I don't want to smell good. (You know what I mean.) These perfume bottles designed by a Japanese artist who goes by Ruby Spark are the perfect renditions of the villains they represent. I'm not really into the whole Disney Princesses thing, but Disney Villainesses? I… »1/24/14 1:15pm1/24/14 1:15pm