Fetty Wap Takes His Song of the Summer 'Trap Queen' to Jimmy Kimmel

Fetty Wap performed his Song of the Summer contender “Trap Queen” last night on Jimmy Kimmel with the help of Phony Ppl. The performance itself is a bit drowsy and his crooning pitch is cringingly off, but well it’s a good look for the artist behind the No. 3 song in the country. »6/10/15 11:00am6/10/15 11:00am

What Are You Really Looking For in Other People's Baby Photos? 

Remember, a Chrome plugin that replaced photos of babies in your Facebook feed with photos of cats? When it launched in 2012, it was briefly a viral hit, racking up the likes, although it no longer exists today—probably owing to most people getting hip to Facebook’s “unsubscribe” option. is a bit… »6/04/15 3:40pm6/04/15 3:40pm

Surely Memorable Stage Play Features Mayonnaise Enemas

Is your butthole dry and in need of a creamy kick? Well, good news for people building sandwiches in their asses — or for those just in need of some emergency lube — but two Canadian performance artists took to the stage to deliver a performance that featured not one..., not two..., but three (ha ha ha!) mayonnaise… »7/23/13 11:00am7/23/13 11:00am

Want to Feel Smart? Shove a Sprig of Rosemary Up Your Nose

OK, you don't actually have to shove rosemary all the way up into your nose, but a new study has found that smelling it improves your cognitive performance. British researchers exposed 20 volunteers to different levels of rosemary aromas, then assessed their cognitive performance and mood. They also did blood tests to… »2/28/12 11:15pm2/28/12 11:15pm

Performance Artist Invites You to Watch Her Give Birth

Are paintings and plays too dull for you? Perhaps you'd rather get your art in the form of watching an actual woman give birth for real right in front of you? Now you can do just that at a gallery in Brooklyn. A pregnant performance artist named Marni Kotak is planning to give birth to her first child in front of an… »10/09/11 12:00pm10/09/11 12:00pm