Perez Hilton Just Compared Black Women to Hitler on Twitter

Last night, distasteful orange ghoul Perez Hilton took a break from grinding up other human beings and turning them into money to declare on his Twitter feed that "Inside every gay man is a fierce black woman!" » 2/25/14 8:00pm 2/25/14 8:00pm

Miley Cyrus Says She Didn't Go on That Ill-Informed Anti-Beyoncé Rant

On Thursday, the internet was abuzz with news that Miley Cyrus might have done her least likable thing yet by saying some very not nice things about Beyoncé in an interview with LOVE magazine out soon. But Miley's claiming she would never do anything so dumb and it looks like she's not lying. » 1/02/14 6:50pm 1/02/14 6:50pm

Complete Shithead Leaks Emotional Private Texts from Britney Spears

Aw man, not this human egg-fart again. Noted social butterfly and vulnerable-starlet-betrayer Sam Lutfi is back in the "news" again, having released a number of private texts that he claims are from a hysterical, emotionally dysfunctional Britney Spears. I don't know if they're actually from Britney or not, and I… » 12/04/13 8:25pm 12/04/13 8:25pm

Perez Hilton Gave Himself a 'Moral Makeover.' Is Anyone Buying It?

Perez Hilton, the blogger who made a name for himself by being wantonly invasive and cruel to celebrities and crafting semen doodles, is a changed man now — or so he tells Alex Morris of New York magazine. Is it genuine? And, even if it is, does it even matter now? » 10/21/13 4:10pm 10/21/13 4:10pm

Lady Gaga Accuses Perez Hilton of Stalking as Feud Gets Nasty

Three days after Lady Gaga let it slip why she and Perez Hilton went from your garden variety co-dependent girl/gay guy friendship to Mortal Enemies, she's accused him of stalking her and her family outside their New York apartment via since-deleted tweets: » 8/19/13 9:00am 8/19/13 9:00am

Lady Gaga Declares Why She Officially Fell Out With Perez Hilton

In today's Tweet Beat, Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest explains his insane Twitter rampage last night (or perhaps his behavior on Twitter always), Rosie and Sia revealed a shared love for Parenthood and Lady Gaga explained why she's no longer besties with Perez Hilton. » 8/16/13 7:30pm 8/16/13 7:30pm

Even Kate Middleton Is Keeping Up With the Kardashians Now

Kate Middleton is a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardshians now, because Kate Middleton is just like you, if you are an actual princess/duchess with the hair of a Disney princess who poops bars of L'Occitane soap fully wrapped in their artisinal paper. » 4/12/13 9:00am 4/12/13 9:00am

Perez Hilton Will Have So Many Interesting Things to Teach His Son…

As pointed out in the comments and brought to our attention via Twitter: new father Perez Hilton was rather unkind to celeb dads in the past. And to celebrity children. And now, you can see a past post — in which he mocks Adam Sandler's daughter — juxtaposed with a picture of Perez and his own kid. » 2/28/13 12:55pm 2/28/13 12:55pm

Perez Hilton Is a Father Now So... Mazel Tov?

Perez Hilton took to his site this afternoon to announce that he is now the proud father of a one-month old son. He did not announce who his surrogate was so, as of now, we have no idea what woman was willing to have the gossip columnist's semen inside of her. » 2/27/13 6:40pm 2/27/13 6:40pm

Drew Barrymore Did a Special Kind of Hugging and Nine Months Later a…

And the baby is amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing!!! I mean, okay, it's only been alive for like a day, so it's pretty much just a standard baby so far. BUT. Its name is Olive (CUTE) and it came out of Drew Barrymore and I like her. Also her weird non-celebrity husband is handsome! Congratulations, you crazy kids! » 10/01/12 8:00pm 10/01/12 8:00pm

Noted Penis Scribbler Perez Hilton To Launch Family-Oriented Site

Perez Hilton — the man who catapulted to fame by calling then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus a whore and a slut and erroneously announced the death of Fidel Castro — is launching a new website,, which will focus on celebrity families and kids. » 9/13/11 12:10pm 9/13/11 12:10pm

Perez Hilton To Publish Children's Book

The gossip blogger has inked a deal with Celebra Children's Books to publish The Boy with Pink Hair. To be released on September 1, the book "celebrates individuality and self-acceptance." Publisher Raymond Garcia says it's "a defining story about how believing in yourself and following your aspirations can not only… » 3/29/11 5:53pm 3/29/11 5:53pm

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Dr. Phil teaches us how Rock of Love has negatively affected our nation's youth, Bill O'Reilly's feud with Snooki, and expectant mothers doll up for delivery. » 2/04/11 8:00pm 2/04/11 8:00pm

Brody Dalle Is Pregnant

Today in Tweet Beat, Brody Dalle is expecting her second child with husband Josh Homme. Also, Cher, who is new to Twitter, is being confronted with "haters." » 1/26/11 7:30pm 1/26/11 7:30pm

Perez Hilton Thinks His "Biological Clock" Is Ticking

In a new interview, Perez Hilton reveals that despite his success, he yearns to hear the pitter-patter of little feet...running to tell Daddy they've found a shot of Miley Cyrus just begging to have a penis drawn on it? » 1/05/11 5:52pm 1/05/11 5:52pm

The 15 Best "It Gets Better" Videos

Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project has generated tons of amazing videos. We've selected 15 of note, from the President, a Marine, Vinny from Jersey Shore — and lots more. » 10/27/10 2:58pm 10/27/10 2:58pm

Spencer Pratt Calls Out Perez Hilton On His Anti-Bullying Stance

Today in Tweet Beat, hell has frozen over. Spencer Pratt is making sense in his beef with Perez Hilton. Plus, Meghan McCain is not doing a reality show. » 10/21/10 7:30pm 10/21/10 7:30pm

Perez Hilton Finally Realizes He's An Asshole

Today in Tweet Beat, Perez Hilton releases a video after deciding that he needs to be nicer (or that he needs some more publicity), Randy Jackson hates Oprah, and Ramona Singer is finally releasing her own brand of Pinot Grigio. » 10/13/10 7:45pm 10/13/10 7:45pm

Chelsea Handler & Perez Hilton Feud On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Perez Hilton is acting like an asshole. In other news, the sun will rise tomorrow. Plus, 50 Cent hates spellcheckers. » 9/13/10 8:01pm 9/13/10 8:01pm