PA Lawmaker Responds to Latina Colleague's Criticism of 'English-Only' Bill by Turning Her Mic Off

Pennsylvania (the Mississippi of the Northeast) is battling the ever-invisible but always-encroaching menace of Things That Upset the Elderly with a new proposed “English-Only” law. Its author, Republican state legislator Daryl Metcalfe, proved on Monday that he’s exactly the sort of calm and reasonable adult one… »9/22/15 4:40pm9/22/15 4:40pm


Hundreds of Pages of PA Prosecutor's Pornographic Emails Released

On Monday, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane was instructed to stand trial for charges of perjury and obstruction of justice after authorities claim she used personal emails to conduct official business and leaked confidential emails to embarrass her critics. In an impressive move of deflection, she also… »8/27/15 6:20pm8/27/15 6:20pm

Seven Arrested After Wedding Ends in Bloody, Half-Naked Brawl

Perhaps the internet spoke too soon when it decided that proposing at someone’s wedding was the worst thing that could happen on the big day. No, it turns out that there’s something much worse than taking away all the attention for yourself: a bloody brawl that ends with four police officers hospitalized and the groom… »6/26/15 5:10pm6/26/15 5:10pm

Gay Couple Who Were Once ‘Father and Son’ Finally Marry

A gay couple who went through an adoption process in order to have certain legal rights were finally able to marry after being together for more than fifty years. While living in New York City in 1994, Norman MacArthur, 74, and Bill Novak, 76, were registered as domestic partners. In 2000, they moved to Erwinna,… »5/28/15 10:30pm5/28/15 10:30pm

Cool Mom Drives Drunk to Orgy, Brings Seven-Year-Old Son Along for Fun

She's not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom—and that means if her kid's going to watch her fuck strangers after driving drunk, then so be it. Not that there's anything wrong with fucking strangers. It's the driving drunk and doing it in the presence of your kid that's going to be a cause for therapy. »2/27/15 11:30am2/27/15 11:30am

Pennsylvania Pol: Disgraced Attorney General Is a Woman, 'Not a Lady'

If you haven't been following the career trajectory of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, suffice it to say that she's not having a great week: a grand jury has recommended she be criminally charged for allegedly leaking grand jury documents. But more pressingly for far-right State Rep Daryl Metcalfe, she's… »1/12/15 3:00pm1/12/15 3:00pm

News Crew Burned, Assaulted During Terrifying Visit to Haunted Home

Hey, were you planning on sleeping tonight? If so, you may want to just put on your "nope" hat and your "nope" overalls and "nope" your way right on out of here because what happened to a Pennsylvania news crew as they visited a home alleged to be haunted by evil spirits will terrify you. And that's before they even… »8/04/14 8:30pm8/04/14 8:30pm