GOP Councilman Shares 'Joke' Meme Telling Pennsylvanians They Can Vote For Hillary With a Hashtag 

Murrysville city councilman Joshua Lorenz, a Republican, recently posted a meme to his Facebook page that tells Hillary voters, “You can vote at home comfortably online!”, instructing them to “simply post ‘Hillary’ with the hashtag #PresidentialElection on your Facebook or Twitter account.” Yes, that’ll trick ‘em.


Cosby Trial in PA Continues to Be Derailed by Decade-Old, Informal Promise Between Lawyers

On Wednesday, in Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby’s team continued to try to get him out of the criminal case lodged against him by Andrea Constand. His lawyer Jack Schmitt told a judge his client never would’ve testified in Constand’s 2005 civil suit, stemming from allegations that he’d raped her, if he’d known there would…


PA Lawmaker Responds to Latina Colleague's Criticism of 'English-Only' Bill by Turning Her Mic Off

Pennsylvania (the Mississippi of the Northeast) is battling the ever-invisible but always-encroaching menace of Things That Upset the Elderly with a new proposed “English-Only” law. Its author, Republican state legislator Daryl Metcalfe, proved on Monday that he’s exactly the sort of calm and reasonable adult one…