BREAKING: Here's Uncensored Video of Seal-on-Penguin Copulation

Scientists have just returned from studying king penguins and they've learned quite a bit. In fact, they brought you a souvenir video. Please enjoy this lesson about the seals and the penguins. (And how incredibly cruel the animal kingdom can be and also feel inspired to do something different tomorrow; something that… »11/17/14 9:00pm11/17/14 9:00pm

Clumsy Penguins Stumble and Fall for Maniacal Human Delight

Oh penguins! They are nature's most adorable clumsy walker. All dressed up in their little tuxedos and stumbling around all over the ice and snow, they look just like a gaggle of old drunk Dudley Moores in Arthur*. All they need is a little martini glass and a spry 80's Liza Minnelli to chase after and the whole thing… »12/23/13 10:30pm12/23/13 10:30pm

Busy Philipps Makes a Penguin Birthday Cake for a Two Year Old and Not You

How much more awesome is Busy Philipps now that you know she's also a professional cake maker? Like, we would probably pay $50 for that cake, it looks better than a lot of Cake Boss' cakes, and he's an actual cake boss! It would be a shame if Philipps left the entertainment business because she's a constant delight,… »1/28/13 10:15pm1/28/13 10:15pm

Sunday Sign-Off: Jingle Penguins Are Adorable, Mildly Annoying

Some rough footage of penguins screeching tonelessly has been edited to make it sound as if the penguins are screeching "Jingle Bells." I guess the San Francisco Zoo gets an "A" for effort, but this cacophony would sound very different (read: horrible) in the natural world, which is just God's little reminder to us… »12/16/12 6:30pm12/16/12 6:30pm