Turns Out YouTube Star Zoella Had Help Writing Her Very Popular Book 

The British YouTube star known as Zoella has amassed 6.6 million subscribers and 2.6 million Twitter followers with her fashion and beauty videos. Capitalizing on her runaway popularity, she just released a YA novel, which promptly rocketed up the bestseller lists. But now she's caught in a ghostwriting controversy. »12/09/14 1:50pm12/09/14 1:50pm


Covet These Ridiculously Beautiful Book Covers by the Woman Who Designed the Moonrise Kingdom Titles

We all know that at this point, the only reason we own books is to make sure guests know we own books. Or, in some cases, that we can read. If you're one of those pretentious d-bags who judges a date by the content of their bookshelves, come sit next to me and let's read in silence because we're kindred spirits. »12/19/12 3:50pm12/19/12 3:50pm

Sexually-Inexperienced Seal Tries To Bone Penguin • UK Reports 50% More Female Drunks

A "frustrated, sexually inexperienced" young male seal tries to have sex with a penguin.• Older Japanese singles are trying out that whole online dating thing. • A 51-year-old man admits to using voodoo to seduce teen girls. • Two women make history, win second-"highest" medical prize. • PETA asks Hollywood insiders »5/02/08 5:20pm5/02/08 5:20pm