China's First Lady Wears a Black Trench Coat, Everyone Goes Nuts for Black Trench Coats

Following in the footsteps of tastemakers Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, Peng Liyuan, wife to the Chinese president Xi Jinping, has sparked a fashion craze after stepping off of a plane while wearing a black trench coat and carrying a black leather purse. While the outfit may seem rather simple and conservative by… »3/25/13 1:50pm3/25/13 1:50pm

China’s Communist Party Is Super Nervous About Having a Famous, Opera-Singing First Lady

China's carefully-orchestrated Communist Party musical, which is whimsically titled The 18th Communist Congress and contains neither music nor Hugh Jackman, will convene next month to name the country's imminent new president, Xi Jinping. Every detail has been scripted and rehearsed, but party leaders are still… »10/21/12 2:00pm10/21/12 2:00pm