Courtney Love Is Working With Celebrated Leech Sam Lutfi

If you remember when Britney Spears had a very messy, very public breakdown, you'll recall that there was a man in her life back then, the shady character known as Sam Lutfi. In 2009, Britney's father obtained conservatorship over Britney and filed a restraining order against Lutfi, who was in constant contact with… » 3/13/12 10:50am 3/13/12 10:50am

Working Pen Found In Woman's Stomach

Doctors examining a 76-year-old woman who complained of weight loss and diarrhea found a surprise during her CT scan: An intact felt tipped pen was stuck in her stomach. You'd think swallowing an entire pen is the kind of thing you'd remember, but apparently the woman forgot about the pen for 25 years after she… » 12/20/11 9:19pm 12/20/11 9:19pm