Hold On to Your Quiver of Arrows, There Are New Catching Fire Pix!

Behold, Katniss, looking wary and making some kind of speech or presentation, and Peeta, square-jawed and vaguely morose, in this new still from the second Hunger Games film, Catching Fire. Do the colors and tones here seem a lot more somber and subdued than the ones we saw in the first film? Or is it just that we're… » 1/15/13 2:30pm 1/15/13 2:30pm

Hunger Games Fervor Makes For Awesome Fan Art

With an Entertainment Weekly cover story hitting stands this week, The Hunger Games frenzy is reaching a mainstream fever pitch. Though the filming of the movie is just beginning, the internet is already obsessed with the the books, the characters, and the lore. The Hunger Games Fandom is intense, with fansites, … » 5/20/11 7:00pm 5/20/11 7:00pm