Sorry, Cool Parents: Letting Kids Taste Alcohol May Turn 'Em Into Teenage Boozehounds

The logic of a cool, progressive, chardonnay-enthused parent goes something like this: I do not want my young Mordecai/Susie to turn seventeen and throw an illicit keg party in my home when I attend a week-long wine-tasting tour in Napa. So, I will let Mordecai/Susie have a few sips of wine at dinner while he/she is… »9/18/12 11:10am9/18/12 11:10am


Hairless Bodies, Stankless Pits: An American Story

Today, The New York Times examines the history of the American desire to eliminate armpit stank, and whether the $2.3 billion (!!!) a year that Americans spend trying to eliminate the possibility of smelling like, well, themselves, is money well-spent. The consensus among armpit scientists: probably not, but we're all… »11/08/07 11:30am11/08/07 11:30am