Watch This Guy Eat 100 Peeps in Only Two Minutes

The best part about holidays (besides that some of them come with presents and some of them come with your parents going on a cruise and leaving you alone) is that there's often some kind of food challenge that goes along with the festivities. On Independence day people force hundreds of hot dogs down their throats… » 4/19/14 2:24pm 4/19/14 2:24pm

Selfies, Politics and Poop: It's the Annual Peeps Diorama Contest

Easter is just around the corner, so you know what that means: peeps! If there's anything that truly honors the Christian themes of resurrection and sacrifice, it's brightly colored sugar gobs molded into misshapen adorable little animals. Of course this season also marks the return of the annual Peeps Show, … » 4/17/14 10:40am 4/17/14 10:40am

Peeps Are Gross and Peep Donuts Are an Abomination

Just in time for Easter, Dunkin Donuts is rolling out special donuts with Peeps parked in the center. This is the most disgusting thing I've heard all week, including that 16-inch rat. It is a crime against taste and it should not be permitted by civilized society. » 3/28/14 4:45pm 3/28/14 4:45pm

Celebrate Easter Hopped-Up on This Peep-Infused Vodka

First: '"Hopped-Up", because Easter, bunnies, etc. — yeah? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but fuck it; let's all get hopping drunk on Easter by consuming large quantities of Peep-infused vodka. » 3/27/13 11:30pm 3/27/13 11:30pm

Peeps Love Peeps: That Gross Easter Candy Is Having Its Best Year Yet

Peeps, those chick and rabbit shaped blobs of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin that are stale from the moment you open the box, are having a hell of a year. Not only is the candy celebrating its 60th birthday, but 2012 happened to be the best financial year for Just Born, Inc, the company that creates Peeps — as well as… » 3/08/13 1:00pm 3/08/13 1:00pm

Where My Peeps At?

This Easter, National Geographic asked readers to submit pictures of peeps in various places. The results are amazing. Consider this a reminder to stop by your local drugstore and take advantage of day-after discounts. [BlackBook] » 4/05/10 11:40am 4/05/10 11:40am

Mmm...Marshmallow Sushi

Need something to do with those leftover Peeps? Well, perhaps you should consider following this recipe for "Peepshi," or Peeps sushi, designed by the folks at Serious Eats. [SeriousEats] via [Neatorama] » 4/04/10 1:15pm 4/04/10 1:15pm

3 Reasons To Hate Easter

British kids apparently eat over five pounds of candy each over Easter weekend — but mass tooth decay is only a minor reason to hate this disappointing holiday. » 4/02/10 5:00pm 4/02/10 5:00pm

Egg Heads

Forget team pie and team cake, the new war is between Peeps and Bunnies. Nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot suggests you stick to the chicks, but we'd like to nominate an egg-shaped alternative for weekend snacking. [NYP] » 3/31/10 1:30pm 3/31/10 1:30pm

Peep Show

Peep Freaks unite! And do it at the newly-opened Peep store in Maryland. According to the VP of Just Born, the company responsible for the marshmallow chicks, 1/3 of all Peeps purchased are destined for dioramas, or the microwave. [LATimes] » 12/11/09 9:40am 12/11/09 9:40am

Peep Show

Just Born is adding Chocolate Covered Peeps to their lineup in time for Easter 2010. The company promises the new Peeps, which come in milk and dark chocolate, will "please loyal fans and entice newcomers." [BrandFreak] » 10/07/09 7:40pm 10/07/09 7:40pm

Japanese Students Form "Miscarriage Club" • Virginia Madsen Supports…

• A group of junior high students in Japan formed a "Miscarriage Club" to harass their pregnant teacher, who they accused of playing favorites. • » 4/09/09 5:20pm 4/09/09 5:20pm

Peep Shows

Around this time of the year, the little marshmallow birds know as Peeps suddenly surface. Over on, you can watch five funny and disturbing videos starring Peeps: Peeps in a microwave; Peeps replacing humans in the movie Jaws; Office Peeps, loosely based on Office Space; Peeps being blown up and, of course,… » 3/21/08 6:30pm 3/21/08 6:30pm