Shaq Posts His Feelings on Urinal Etiquette; Homophobic Trolls Go Nuts

Shaquille O'Neal is clearly the hugest dork ever to play professional sports. He's also been outspoken in his support for LGBT youth and anti-bullying campaigns. So I'm willing to believe he didn't overtly intend any anti-gay sentiments in this Facebook post on Wednesday—a three-panel cartoon in which a dude bypasses a … » 1/04/13 7:15pm 1/04/13 7:15pm

Coquettish Talking Urinal Cakes Implore Michigan Men To Not Drink And…

Because the news is basically just a Family Guy cut-away waiting to happen, certain Michigan waterfront bars—where men make up 80% of drivers in fatal alcohol-induced crashes— are employing a new tactic in DUI prevention for July 4th. Maryland-based manufacturing company Wismark's "interactive urinal communicator" has… » 7/04/12 4:30pm 7/04/12 4:30pm

Charm School: Heather Sits On Her Throne, Calls Destiny A Slut

It was down to the final four on last night's episode of Charm School. Sadly, Heather — the former stripper who had Bret Michael's name tattooed on her neck and then failed to rock his world — was sent home after suffering some sort of breakdown. During one of the lessons, the girls were given pie charts broken down… » 12/08/08 6:20pm 12/08/08 6:20pm

How To Pee Standing Up

The only time we've felt penis envy is while peeing at, you know, rock festivals or in campgrounds or any place where there are 1) no bathrooms or 2) disgusting PortaPotties. But we've just learned about the existence of the The P-Mate, a simple, ingenious little waxed-paper device designed to allow women to urinate… » 7/03/07 11:01am 7/03/07 11:01am