​Grandpa Protests UK Family Park's Anti-Pedophilia Ban on Lone Adults

For the last seven years Puxton Park, a 50-acre family adventure park in North Somerset, England, complete with a farm, some slides, an electric tractor race course, and a Falconry Centre, has had a policy in place barring single people from entering the park so as to keep out potential pedophiles. And for seven… » 11/10/14 2:50pm 11/10/14 2:50pm

Richard Dawkins Thinks 'Mild Pedophilia' Is No Big Deal

New theory: Richard Dawkins is a hardcore evangelical Christian masquerading as an atheist to give non-believers a bad name. It's going well, because he recently said that "mild pedophilia" isn't too bad and we should all accept it as a natural part of growing up, like "mild rape" or "mild limb severance." » 9/11/13 1:20pm 9/11/13 1:20pm

Alissa Nutting Talks Female Sexual Predators And Her Novel Tampa

Author Alissa Nutting's debut novel Tampa, while it's been pegged as a beach read by places like Vulture, is hard to actually read on the beach because it has graphic descriptions of a 26-year-old woman having sex with a 14-year-old boy. It's a frankly stated examination of female predators and their depiction in the… » 7/06/13 5:00pm 7/06/13 5:00pm

Famously Quirky BBC Star Jimmy Savile Was Likely a Quirky Child…

There were plenty of clues that BBC TV and radio presenter Sir Jimmy Savile, who died last year, sexually abused girls throughout the decades — and by "clues," we mean multiple allegations — but no one dared challenge the famously eccentric star. Now that a documentary about the scandal is about to air, the BBC says… » 10/03/12 10:50am 10/03/12 10:50am

Should Airlines Be Allowed to Forbid Men From Sitting Next to…

Multiple airlines reserve the right to force any man sitting next to an unaccompanied minor to switch seats with a woman. They say the policy is due to "parental concerns," but it's probably mostly due to the airline companies wanting to cover their asses; parents have sued airlines over child molestation incidents in… » 8/14/12 5:20pm 8/14/12 5:20pm

This Social Media Startup Accidentally Become an App for Pedophiles

Before Facebook decides whether to allow kids 13 and younger to officially have their own (monitored) Facebook accounts, they should consider what's happened with the social networking app Skout, which has been used by at least three adults across the country to find and allegedly sexually assault minors in the past… » 6/13/12 10:00am 6/13/12 10:00am

Horrifying Details From a Decades-Long Prep School Sex Scandal

Horace Mann, one of New York City's most prestigious high schools, has an idyllic 18-acre campus in the Bronx, a hefty list of influential alumni including Robert Caro and Eliot Spitzer, and — according to this weekend's New York Times Magazine cover story — a long, secret history of sexual abuse. » 6/06/12 2:10pm 6/06/12 2:10pm

How Could You Be Married To A Pedophile And Not Know It?

Seven years ago, Darlene Ellison's husband was arrested by the FBI for his involvement with NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Up until his arrest, she had no idea that he was a pedophile, and, understandably, was horrified by the secret life he'd been keeping from her and their two children for… » 11/27/11 4:50pm 11/27/11 4:50pm

Corey Feldman: Pedophilia Is Hollywood's Biggest Problem

In a disturbing interview last night, former child actor Corey Feldman told Nightline that "the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia." He says the "casting couch" — that is, the rumored tradition of directors and other higher-ups sleeping with young aspiring actresses — existed for… » 8/11/11 2:35pm 8/11/11 2:35pm