Pearl Harbor Lady Firefighter Mystery Solved

There's a surprising resolution to MSNBC's effort to learn more about a photo of women fighting fires caused by the attack on Pearl Harbor: The picture wasn't taken during the bombing and the women aren't even putting out a fire in the photo. However, the real story is still pretty interesting. » 12/13/11 9:50am 12/13/11 9:50am

Who Are The Female Firefighters In This Pearl Harbor Photo?

In honor of the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor yesterday, MSNBC posted a series of photos taken that day, including one amazing shot of female firefighters directing a hose shortly after the bombing. Many readers asked questions about the women and now the site is trying to use the power of the internet … » 12/08/11 1:05am 12/08/11 1:05am