Big Sister Gives Her Brother an Adorable ‘Toughen Up’ Pep Talk, Sounds …

It turns out that some kids really do speak like Peanuts characters, which is adorable. This big sister does her best Lucy impression as she gives her sullen little brother a pep talk, telling him (gently) to "toughen up" and to not spit on boys three times his age. At least not yet. He's got a whole lifetime of… » 10/10/12 9:45pm 10/10/12 9:45pm

The Rest of the Comics Page Weighs in on the Texas Abortion Debate

This week, dozens of papers across the US refused to print long-running strip Doonesbury in their comics pages on the grounds that the topic it tackled— Texas's abhorrant new sonogram law — was deemed "too controversial" for the delicate sensibilities of Hagar the Horrible readers. But one newspaper's blog took things in … » 3/16/12 7:10pm 3/16/12 7:10pm

Tennessee Mayor: "Our Muslim President" Ruined Christmas

In yet another case of life imitating comedy to form farce, a Tennessee mayor is mad that "our muslim president" preempted The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Maybe he'd like to lighten up with some OutKast, or our mashup. [DailyKos] » 12/04/09 3:30pm 12/04/09 3:30pm