Big Sister Gives Her Brother an Adorable ‘Toughen Up’ Pep Talk, Sounds Just Like Lucy from Peanuts

It turns out that some kids really do speak like Peanuts characters, which is adorable. This big sister does her best Lucy impression as she gives her sullen little brother a pep talk, telling him (gently) to "toughen up" and to not spit on boys three times his age. At least not yet. He's got a whole lifetime of… »10/10/12 9:45pm10/10/12 9:45pm

The Rest of the Comics Page Weighs in on the Texas Abortion Debate

This week, dozens of papers across the US refused to print long-running strip Doonesbury in their comics pages on the grounds that the topic it tackled— Texas's abhorrant new sonogram law — was deemed "too controversial" for the delicate sensibilities of Hagar the Horrible readers. But one newspaper's blog took things… »3/16/12 7:10pm3/16/12 7:10pm