What The Heck Is Oculus Rift? A Guide To Facebook's $2 Billion Deal

New Barbie Game Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

This is gameplay footage of Barbie's Dreamhouse Party, recorded by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It terrified me. I showed it to my three year-old daughter. She stared blankly at it for a minute before softly walking away. » 11/30/13 11:43am 11/30/13 11:43am

Designer Apologizes for Reply to Question About Oversexed Characters

The game director for Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming Heroes of the Storm has apologized for his treatment of a question about how characters are designed—specifically how multiplayer online battle arena games, of which Heroes is one, tend to hyper-sexualize female avatars. » 11/24/13 4:58pm 11/24/13 4:58pm

A Game About Dinner Parties, Dancing And Wooing Gentlemen. Yes.

Ever, Jane is the name of an MMO that's, well, it's different from any MMO you've ever played before. Or game, for that matter. » 10/31/13 9:26am 10/31/13 9:26am

Why Female Soldiers Were Finally Added to Call of Duty's Multiplayer

There is no great suffrage movement to credit for finally enabling players of the world's most popular first-person shooter to kill each other as female soldiers. For better or worse, that's not how these things tend to happen in video games. Certainly not this time. » 8/14/13 9:00pm 8/14/13 9:00pm

A Game About What Really Matters In Life

Most video games, it's safe to say, revolve around fighting: whether you're a soldier shooting up terrorists or a plumber stomping on Koopa Troopas, there's almost always going to be combat of some sort. » 8/08/13 11:38pm 8/08/13 11:38pm

BioWare: Putting Same-Sex Romance Into The Old Republic 'Will Take A…

In September, 2011, the folks behind online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic promised to add same-sex romance after the game had launched. » 1/04/13 5:00pm 1/04/13 5:00pm

Beth Ditto Designs Again; Faith Hill Wants A Clothing Line

Real Cat Burglar Snatches Toys • Principal Blames South Park For…

• An English cat named Frankie has been accused of stealing 35 soft toys from neighboring houses over the past year. • Vets in Boston have performed an unusual surgery in which they reattached a 4-year-old cat's face following a brutal accident involving a car's fan belt. • A new US law states that freight ships must » 12/09/08 5:20pm 12/09/08 5:20pm

British Lad Mags: Root Of All Ills Or Symptom Of The Bigger, Sexist…

Michael Grove, the shadow education secretary and a prominent Conservative in England, gave a speech today » 8/04/08 9:30am 8/04/08 9:30am at a meeting organized by the think tank IPPR condemning lad mags (like , , and ) for promoting "instant-hit hedonism" and presenting women as "permanently, lasciviously, uncomplicatedly available." The result,…