If Your Career Stalled Because of Your Husband, Call It Like It Is

Of all the people you'd expect could nail down this whole work-life balance thing, Harvard Business School MBAs would easily make the short list—smart, ambitious, well-educated people who, if nothing else, have the money to fix the problem of gender inequity when it comes to having kids. But no. » 11/23/14 2:00pm 11/23/14 2:00pm

The Pay Gap Could Be Getting Worse for Millennial Women

Climate change, the future of social security, the return of crop tops — life just keeps getting better and better for millennials, doesn't it? And now in even more GREAT news, it looks as though working women in their 20s and 30s are continuing to earn far less than their male counterparts. This is the dawning of the… » 6/12/14 5:20pm 6/12/14 5:20pm

​We Could Stand to Have More Female Executives to Overpay

11 of the 200 highest paid chief executives in the United States are women. Those stats are just slightly better than that of the top 1000 executives, of which 4.9% are women. While women at the top are clearly and crazily underrepresented, the gender pay gap doesn't hit them quite as hard as the average. » 6/08/14 5:47pm 6/08/14 5:47pm

Republicans Prove They Love the Ladies By Killing Equal Pay Bill

Just one day after President Obama commemorated Equal Pay Day by signing two executive orders designed to eliminate wage disparity between men and women, Senate Republicans have unanimously blocked a bill that would have turned those orders into laws. Republicans love you, ladies. They love you like Courtney Stodden's… » 4/09/14 4:45pm 4/09/14 4:45pm

New Report: the U.S. Isn't Doing So Great at the Whole Gender Equality…

Everybody sit down. The United States is not number one in the world when it comes to something. I know, it's crazy. According to the Oct 23 2012 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum, we're only 22nd best in gender equality, right after Canada and before Mozambique. And since the United States… » 10/24/12 11:30pm 10/24/12 11:30pm

Express Your Outrage About the Gender Pay Gap with These Pithy E-Cards

Despite what some faithless Bloomberg opinion writers believe, the gender pay gap is too a real thing and it really needs to disappear. Like several decades ago. Women in the workforce, on average, still earn a mere 77 cents for every dollar men earn, even if they're performing the exact same tasks as men. Like… » 9/12/12 11:00pm 9/12/12 11:00pm

Husbands Who Earn Less than Wives Are Content So Long As They Have…

Income inequality among married couples can lead to competitive, alarm-clock sabotaging grudges, or at least that's how such inequality would be portrayed in a comedy about a working couple in which one partner dramatically outearns the other. In reality, according to Susan Gregory Thomas' Wall Street Journal article » 7/22/12 12:00pm 7/22/12 12:00pm

Surprise! Non-Macho Dudes Have No Problem with Women Out-Earning Them

As it just so happens, men who don't define their masculinity by how many dragons they've strangled to death, how many cans of pizza-flavored spray cheese they can suck down in five minutes, or how few tears they shed during the scene in Big Fish when Ewan McGregor plants his ladyfriend a quadrangle's worth of… » 7/19/12 2:10pm 7/19/12 2:10pm

Surprise! Republican Congressmen Pay Male Employees $10,000 More Per…

Your vagina is an expensive anatomical accessory. In addition to the tampons and gynecologists, over the course of your lifetime, you can expect your vagina to gobble up thousands of dollars worth of possible earnings that you would have made yourself if only you were a man. Unsurprisingly, the pesky pay gap endures… » 7/12/12 2:45pm 7/12/12 2:45pm

Earning a Certificate Is Becoming the Next Great Way to Experience the…

The economy totally sucks. It sucks so much that if you turn on any news channel or flip to the op-ed page of that newspaper you're not reading because physical, page-turning newspapers are really only good for getting ink under your fingernails, someone will be shouting or writing, "Argh! Economy! Euro! Debt crisis!… » 6/09/12 1:00pm 6/09/12 1:00pm

Lady Managers Don't Reduce Pay Gap

A new report issued by a Swedish labor agency indicates that female managers don't reduce the pay gap between male and female employees. If not even perfect, stoic, ice cold, blond, Ikea-decorated egalitarian socialist paradise Sweden can overcome the pesky gendered pay gap, then what faint hope do we have in the land… » 12/20/11 5:10pm 12/20/11 5:10pm