Robin Thicke's 'Back Together' Video Is for Divorced Dads Everywhere

Robin Thicke’s new video for “Back Together” featuring Nicki Minaj is here and it’s… better than the song? Let’s all agree that “Back Together” itself is subpar and sounds like every pop song you’ve ever heard before it. But for such a rough summer filled with madness, this probably the best we’ll get, it’s what we,… »8/13/15 7:00pm8/13/15 7:00pm


Robin Thicke's Precious-Pathetic Video Probably Won't Win Paula Back

Fresh off an appearance at the BET awards Sunday night, Robin Thicke has released the lyric video for his new song "Forever Love." If you missed hearing it last night, "Forever Love" is (like all other songs on his album) a plea by Robin for Paula Patton to take him back. Yeah, it seems like this tactic is really »6/30/14 12:30pm6/30/14 12:30pm

Hope Solo's Domestic Abuse Hearing: Nephew Says He Pulled a Gun on Her

Hope Solo's hearing for alleged domestic violence kicked off today in my hometown (wooooo!—eeerrrghh...), and the details that have emerged are pretty terrible so far. According to police, Solo's 17-year-old nephew said that his aunt showed up at the house, apparently intoxicated, then called him a fat pussy and… »6/23/14 8:00pm6/23/14 8:00pm

Robin Thicke Photographed Nuzzling a Woman Who is Not His Wife

Everyone's favorite female empowerment anthemist Robin Thicke was recently spotted at a night club in Paris, getting very close (as in, mouth-to-mouth close) with a woman who is notably not his wife, Paula Patton. This prompted several gossip sites to run stories that are half comprised of repurposed Blurred Lines »1/21/14 9:09am1/21/14 9:09am

Holy Crap There Are So Many Hot Guys in the New Paula Patton Movie

In case the previously released trailer didn't emphasis enough exactly what you're in for should you purchase a ticket to see Paula Patton's new movie Baggage Claim, this recently released and aptly-titled "Men Montage" should do the trick. A quick recap: Trey Songz coated in nothing but bubbles, Boris Kodjoe taking… »9/13/13 6:45pm9/13/13 6:45pm