Patton Oswalt Wrote a Gorgeous Essay on Rape Jokes and Comedy and Life

To clarify: I put "rape jokes" in the headline, for brevity, because rape culture in comedy is a frequent and contentious topic 'round these parts. But the true heart of Patton Oswalt's expansive essay is much more universal. It's about bubbles—how all of us live in our bubbles, hide in our bubbles, and judge others… »6/14/13 6:35pm6/14/13 6:35pm

Farrah Abraham's Mom Kicked Her Out Because of James Deen's Evil Penis

So...you know how Farrah Abraham made that "sex tape" that was totally not a porno even though it literally starred acclaimed porno actor James Deen and depicted Deen porno-ing Abraham with his porno-johnson? Well. It appears that Abraham's mother is none too pleased with the situation. She has "religious beliefs,"… »4/17/13 8:20pm4/17/13 8:20pm

Patton Oswalt and Judy Blume Had an Adorable Bibliography-Off on Twitter Earlier Today

Sometimes the world just works exactly the way you always knew that it should but were too embarrassed to say that it should to all of your friends who pretend to read Proust and say things like, "I have the malaise." They indeed do have the malaise if they haven't yet read the bibliography-off that Patton Oswalt and… »9/30/12 8:00pm9/30/12 8:00pm

Jimmy Fallon Spreads Holiday Cheer With A 'Twas The Night Before Christmas Mad Lib

Almost nothing is more fun, on a cold winter's night, than gathering around the fire with your friends and playing a game of Mad Libs. And Jimmy Fallon did it right: he busted out 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and asked a few of his recent guests—Patton Oswalt, Jack McBrayer, T.I., Jesse Eisenberg, Zac Efron, and… »12/23/11 7:30pm12/23/11 7:30pm