Patrick Stewart Backs Irish Bakery That Refused to Decorate 'Gay Cake'

During an interview with BBC’s Newsnight, Patrick Stewart defended an Irish bakery who refused to decorate a cake to say “Support Gay Marriage,” due to their religious beliefs. The actor called it “a deliciously difficult subject” because he found himself on the side of the bakers. “I would support their rights to… »6/06/15 4:30pm6/06/15 4:30pm

Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Giggle and Talk About Hashtags

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen recently did a press interview for X-Men together and the result is, as usual, a complete and utter delight. While the interview is fairly serious (the two discuss why the X-Men appeals to minorities as well as the current response to homosexuality in the UK), Professor Xavier and… »5/17/14 6:34pm5/17/14 6:34pm

Watch Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game

My god, is there anything better than watching Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen interacting with each other? They laugh, they sing, they bicker like an old married couple. And even though the two have been friends for what seems like forever, they still have lots of trouble answering questions about each other's… »4/19/14 5:05pm4/19/14 5:05pm

BFFs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Take World's Cutest Santa Photo

I'm pretty sure that the only thing on this earth that I love more than the best-friendship of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen is their GODDAMN BOWLER HATS. Clearly the pair has gotten wise to the public's love, because they keep feeding us amazing pics of themselves wining and dining and kicking it and… »12/18/13 8:35pm12/18/13 8:35pm

Patrick Stewart Singing "Let It Snow" Is Your Official Holiday Kickoff

Alright everyone! You can officially start unpacking your mangled, balled up Christmas tree lights (which we all know what the correct color should be) and get the inflatable Frosty The Snowman set up in the front yard. Bust out the eggnog and start coming up with excuses for why your unemployed cousins can't stay… »12/07/13 2:05pm12/07/13 2:05pm