Patricia Heaton Apologizes to Sandra Fluke for Tweeting Nasty Things…

Rush Limbaugh might have gone after Sandra Fluke the hardest last week, but actress Patricia Heaton, a vocal conservative, took to Twitter to pile on too. After facing some serious backlash—and even deleting her Twitter account for a short time—Heaton has now come out with an apology. » 3/05/12 9:45pm 3/05/12 9:45pm

Christina Hendricks Denies Her Bountiful Bare Breasts Are Internet Stars

You know you've made it in Hollywood when someone hacks your phone or releases alleged nude photos online, so Christina Hendricks can sleep soundly tonight knowing that someone cared enough to help her reach both of those milestones. With a series of sexy times photos [NSFW] leaking over the weekend, the actress's rep… » 3/05/12 9:00am 3/05/12 9:00am

The Outfits Were No Laughing Matter At 'Comedy For A Cure'

The 7th Annual Comedy For A Cure event was held yesterday in Los Angeles, and though it's great that stars are raising money for tuberous sclerosis and epilepsy, their outfits were all over the damn place. People just don't know how to dress for charity events! Teri Hatcher (above) looked lovely, and it's weird to… » 4/07/08 10:30am 4/07/08 10:30am

Madonna Gave It To Justin Timberlake In The Ass

  • While Justin Timberlake was working with Madonna on her album, Madge offered JT a B-12 shot. "She proceeds to pull a Ziploc bag of B-12 syringes out [of her purse] and says, 'Drop 'em.' I don't know what you say to that, so I immediately dropped my pants," Justin says. "She gave me a shot in my ass and looks at me…
  • » 3/11/08 9:00am 3/11/08 9:00am