Here's Amazon's New Parental Leave Policy, Designed to Combat All Their Bad Press

Just in time for Black Friday, and after literally years of terrible press about their soul-crushing work conditions, Amazon appears to be quietly expanding their parental leave policies. A tipster who works at the company just forwarded Jezebel details of the new policy, which includes paternity leave for the first… »11/02/15 2:30pm11/02/15 2:30pm

Netflix’s Cool Maternity Leave Policy Isn’t For All Their Employees

It looks like Netflix’s new and improved maternity leave policy was too good to be true. The entertainment network made headlines earlier this month when they announced they’d be providing employees with unlimited maternity and paternity leave during the first year of a new child’s life. Unfortunately, this only… »8/22/15 6:15pm8/22/15 6:15pm

1 in 4 New Mothers Are Back at Work Two Weeks After Giving Birth

For most working women who want children, the ‘What’s the maternity leave like?’ conversation pops up often. Even with the Family and Maternity Leave Act in place, there’s still a short window for those without cushy jobs to bond with their babies after they’re a few weeks old. This. Is. Terrible. »8/18/15 7:20pm8/18/15 7:20pm

Swedish Men To Get Three Months of Mandatory Paid Paternity Leave 

Beginning in 2016, Sweden will give new fathers a third month of required paid parental leave. The country already has one of the most generous parental leave policies, it currently allows parents to take 16 months of government-paid time off to care for newborns that must be split between both parents. The law… »5/31/15 3:00pm5/31/15 3:00pm

Child-Bearing Women Terrify Male Bosses Because Babies Make Them Dumb

If you’re in the U.K. and are hiding your pregnancy to get a new job, you’ve got the right idea. A new survey says that one-third of managers would employ a man in his 20s or 30s over a woman the same age for fear they will take maternity leave. OMG babies, they ruin everything, don’t they? »8/12/14 10:30am8/12/14 10:30am

Sports Dude Sorry for Suggesting Ladies Plan C-Sections Around Sports

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason has apologized for comments he made on his radio show while discussing the very short paternity leave taken by Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy. (Esiason claimed that if he were in the baseball player's shoes, "I would have said 'C-section before the season starts, I need to be… »4/04/14 11:20am4/04/14 11:20am

Facebook Employee Writes About What He Learned on Paternity Leave

On Sunday, Tom Stocky, a manager at Facebook, wrote a post on his um, Facebook about his experience taking paternity leave at a company that actually allows its employees to take a respectable paternity leave. The result is a totally unsurprising look at the ways that men are discouraged by those around them from… »7/08/13 6:00pm7/08/13 6:00pm

Sweden Continues to Make Everyone Jealous, Moves to Extend Mandatory Paternity Leave

Sweden's paternity-leave policy is inarguably the best in the world, with men given up to 240 days of government-paid time off to care for their newborns — and now politicians are looking to make it even more generous. Currently, fathers are required to at least two months off after the birth of a child, and now it's… »8/01/12 4:15pm8/01/12 4:15pm

Britain: Making It Easier For Women To Stay Home, And Reinforcing The Stereotype That They Should

As if there hasn't been quite enough said about the work-life choices women get to make, Nicola Brewer, the chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission in Great Britain, ignited a debate about maternity leave and its effect on women's careers this weekend that has landed her in a spot of hot water. Recently,… »7/15/08 4:00pm7/15/08 4:00pm

More Modern Dads Are Juggling The Work/Life Balance Alongside Their Wives

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, there is a slew of articles about modern fatherhood, most notably the the cover story of the New York Times Magazine coming out this Sunday about "equal parenting." Lisa Belkin, who has covered the life and work beat for the styles section for a decade now, interviews several… »6/12/08 9:30am6/12/08 9:30am