Pat Robertson: Porn and Doing 'Sex Things' Cause Demonic Possession

As a former Southern Baptist minister, 700 Club host and malicious Cabbage Patch Doll Pat Robertson has an understandable interest in Satan and a somewhat less understandable obsession with sex, especially the gay kind. The very best Pat Robertson musings are when he manages to combine his interest in other people’s… »6/03/15 7:00pm6/03/15 7:00pm


'Girl on Girl Movies' Are Totally Making You Gay, Young Ladies

Are you a young woman who sometimes watches movies with lesbian relationships? Do you consider yourself lesbian or bisexual? Well, let me tell you, you might be wrong. It's probably just the "girl on girl movies," you've been watching. At least if you believe Pat Robertson, America's creepy old uncle everyone wishes… »9/13/14 12:30pm9/13/14 12:30pm

Pat Robertson Wants a ‘Vomit’ Facebook Button for Photos of Gay Hugs

In a segment called Bring It Online (good one), a concerned bigot asked televangelist troll Pat Robertson whether "Liking" things on Facebook that go "against what is written in the Bibles" — like your Pride pics — is a sin worthy of eternal damnation. (Pressing stuff! Next up: "If I take an Instagram selfie, am I a… »7/08/13 4:10pm7/08/13 4:10pm

Pat Robertson: It's Okay To Divorce If Your Spouse Gets Alzheimer's

Pat Robertson, who's clearly never seen The Notebook, said this week on his Christian Broadcasting Network program the 700 Club that it's acceptable to divorce your spouse if they're suffering from Alzheimer's. Robertson was responding to a caller who said a friend had started seeing another woman after his wife… »9/16/11 3:40pm9/16/11 3:40pm