Crystal Renn And Tom Ford Make Plastic Surgery Raunchy

When I next guest-edit an issue of a prestigious fashion magazine, I must remember to step behind the camera and snap out an homage to Jocelyn Wildenstein. And to put plenty of oral sex in it. Warning: NSFW. » 11/30/10 6:17pm 11/30/10 6:17pm

Kate Moss Said To Be Investigating Career As An Innkeeper

American Apparel "On The Cusp Of A Total Collapse"; Every Jersey Shore

Megan Fox Takes It Off For Armani; Zoe Saldana Signs With Avon

The September Issue: A Portrait Of The Quaint Old Consumer Economy

There is something almost touchingly prelapsarian about The September Issue, R. J. Cutler's documentary about the making of the biggest ever issue of American Vogue. » 8/21/09 3:00pm 8/21/09 3:00pm

Dior Couture: Fabulous, Vintage-Inspired Top & Bottomlessness

The Christian Dior couture show in Paris today was a beautiful, if somewhat familiar, ahistorical jaunt. Part part 80s lingerie-as-outerwear, part stiff New Look peplums, and part 30s bias satin slips, the collection was topped with Stephen Jones' extraordinary hats. » 7/06/09 5:40pm 7/06/09 5:40pm

Amy Winehouse Gets Own Inspires Someone Else's Clothing Line

Supermodel Stays In Style Without Men; Sasha & Malia Take Topshop

Pat McGrath, The "Queen Of Makeup," Creates Couture Faces

If you've ever seen some gorgeous, theatrical makeup and wondered, who does » 10/01/08 12:30pm 10/01/08 12:30pm that? It was probably Pat McGrath, one of the most celebrated makeup artists in the fashion biz. She did the faces for the Christian Dior Spring 2009 show, and in a recent with the 's Suzy Menkes, McGrath talks about her work. John Galliano's…