Pat Buchanan Hopes He's Dead Before a Woman Is Elected President

Is this the day when you finally agree with Pat Buchanan on something? On one hand, while it's unseemly to wish death on anyone, the idea of a world without Pat Buchanan is sort of lovely. But on the other hand, the idea of Pat Buchanan not living to be incensed over a female President is not a world I care to inhabit. » 7/09/12 4:30pm 7/09/12 4:30pm

Softball Is For Lesbians (And Other Kagan Close Readings)

How can parody possibly exceed the current cable-news absurdity over Elena Kagan » 5/14/10 10:00am 5/14/10 10:00am's sexuality? compared women's softball to "two men sunbathing together." got downright Freudian: "I didn't know this, but a softball bat symbolizes a certain lifestyle."Both of those insights are included in Talking Points Memo's…

Will Rahm Emanuel Turn The Obama-McCain Meeting Into A Dance-Off?

If Barack Obama thought the post-convention part of the campaign was "silly season," he should try watching the news these days. With so little actual news to talk about, everyone's speculating about what kind of drama is going to break out at today's McCain-Obama summit, who might get jobs, who has already gotten… » 11/17/08 10:00am 11/17/08 10:00am

Republican Racist Jonah Goldberg Should Really Just Shut Up Already

Jonah Goldberg is a conservative writer and "thinker" who holds such well-thought out opinions such as racial discrimination is just a paranoid fantasy, opinions that the LA Times » 10/24/08 10:00am 10/24/08 10:00am lets him publish (he is also an Editor At Large at the ). and I have a different word for him: racist. (Well, I also call him a man who…

Liveblogging The Start Of Rachel Maddow's News Hegemony

Rachel Maddow's show premieres tonight! Squee! And, for real, just to be able to watch it, I am sitting tethered to my Blackberrry like its the convention again, watching it on a 13 inch TV in an un-air-conditioned house. That's how committed I am!! It starts after the jump (with her appearance on Olbermann!) It… » 9/08/08 10:06pm 9/08/08 10:06pm

Rachel Maddow: "I Need To Focus On What I Think, So That I Can Stay Original"

Last night, I grabbed Spencer » 8/27/08 6:00pm 8/27/08 6:00pm and walked over to MSNBC's public set here in Denver — not to stand around in the background hoisting signs about McCain or, like one lady, to shout about ethanol, but to talk to the one person on which he and I have nearly-identical intellectual crushes — Rachel Maddow. She reads…

Pat Buchanan Thinks You Should Be More Thankful For Slavery, Barry Obama

Pat Buchanan is entreating the black people of America to be more grateful to America bringing them here in "slave ships." I mean, they got welfare and methadone maintenance and forced Christianity and eventually the right to consider themselves fully human! Where is the gratitude, black people? And no, that is not my… » 3/24/08 10:00am 3/24/08 10:00am