Oakland Rapper Lil Debbie Finally Lives Up to Namesake, Bakes a Cake

I mean, this was inevitable, wasn’t it? Lil Debbie sort of had to make a video about baking a cake, since she’s named after a line of delicious, preservative-filled snack cakes. Unfortunately, it seems that Debbie has iced this cake before putting it in the oven, which is not the preferred cake-baking method. »9/06/13 10:00am9/06/13 10:00am

12-Year-Old French Girl Writes Bad Checks For Candy and Pastries

Internet, are you ready for a new anti-hero? Or just hero-hero? A 12-year-old girl in the southern French city of Bordeaux was caught by police after using stolen checks to buy 2,600 euros (that's $3,440!) worth of candies and pastries. Her autobiography title should be "Catch Me If You Candy!" — the NY Post can pay… »7/26/13 10:40am7/26/13 10:40am