Happy National Singles Week! Celebrate By Learning How You're Undervalued & Marginalized

September 21-27 is National Unmarried and Single Americans Week, or National Singles Week, according to » 9/23/08 3:00pm 9/23/08 3:00pm Bella DePaulo, who blogs for . She's a professor of Psychology and wrote a book called . If you're wondering why the hell we need Singles Week, Dr. DePaulo has answers for you: She says we need to increase the…

Is There Ever A "Too Young" To Start Masturbating?

That totally disturbing story yesterday about parents masturbating their kids got me to thinking: What age do most kids begin doing the deed themselves? Although my relationship with my vibrator is one that I cherish (and one that got me through a dateless Valentine's last night) I was manual, not automatic, for most… » 2/15/08 4:20pm 2/15/08 4:20pm