Wife Swap: Dad Disrespects, Professes Love For Big Women

On last night's episode of Wife Swap, we got to meet a party animal repo man named Patrick, who pretty much is a composite of every goofy character Adam Sandler has ever played. He burps, farts, howls, has food fights with his children, plays video games, doesn't mind living in a messy home, and party-hops through his… »4/10/08 6:00pm4/10/08 6:00pm

Philadelphia Jezebels, You Nave No Excuse For Not Getting Laid This Month

Talking about the election has become a fun sort of foreplay for spring breaking college students in primary states! A story in today's Wall Street Journal follows an Obama volunteer and Virginia jazz studies major on his Spring Break "springternship" to Philadelphia. (The Obama campaign is the only one with a formal… »3/14/08 3:00pm3/14/08 3:00pm