This Downton Abbey Parody Will Probably Be Better Than Downton Abbey

Here's your exclusive look inside my personal TV watching habits: I stopped watching Downton Abbey in season three because I could no longer muster up any concern over whether or not a rich family lost one of their several mansions. That said, I will tune in for The Britishes, the new DirectTV/College Humor sketch… »10/24/14 1:20pm10/24/14 1:20pm

Honest Trailer for Home Alone Suggests Kevin Is a Nascent Sociopath

Real talk: Home Alone, the movie about an irresponsibly procreating family that abandons an attic-dwelling savant at home right before leaving the country for vacation, is really a prequel to the Saw franchise. Once you see this holiday installment of Honest Trailers, you will never be able to root against Harry… »12/01/13 2:30pm12/01/13 2:30pm

Here’s That Man of Steel Porn Parody You Probably Can’t Masturbate To

Porn parodies aren’t really for titillation, right? They’re for watching after senior prom with a bunch of friends you’ll eventually drift apart from because the only memory you’ll share after another five years will be, “Hey, remember when we all drank grenadine spritzers and watched that stunt fulfill his heroic… »6/16/13 1:30pm6/16/13 1:30pm

That Tucker Max Play Is Actually an Awesome High-Art Parody

The Yale School of Drama-educated director behind I Hope They Serve Beer on Broadway, the stage adaptation of Tucker Max's fratty exploits, emailed us to explain that Max "has absolutely nothing" to do with the play and probably won't like it because it's actually a "High Art" anthropological study of bro culture.… »5/02/13 1:45pm5/02/13 1:45pm

Men Discover They Really Don’t Look Like Movie Stars, Erupt in Tears

By now, most of us have seen Dove’s “Sketches” video wherein several unsuspecting women describe to a sketch artist how thoroughly hideous they believe their faces truly are (spoiler alert: it’s totally not true). “Sketches,” however, seems to come from as sincere a place as anything created on behalf of a giant… »4/18/13 11:55pm4/18/13 11:55pm

eBromance Would Take the Guesswork Out of Dude Friendship

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bro just wants another bro to hang out with. To eat gourmet cheese together under a canopy bed, and talk about everything—or nothing!—and be comfortable with each other, and themselves, and their bodies, and the world. To this end, College Humor hit the nail on the head… »2/22/13 10:25am2/22/13 10:25am