Oscar the Grouch Finally Teams Up With Garbage Rapper Macklemore

Meet Oscar the Grouch's new buddy "Mucklemore" who stopped by Sesame Street to rap about the beloved character's sad hoarding tendencies. » 1/13/15 9:30am 1/13/15 9:30am

Car Dealership Attempts 'Dick in a Box' Parody, Fails Spectacularly

A car dealership in Oak Lawn, Illinois has made the absolute most batshit crazy viral video and of course it's a spoof of "Dick in a Box." You will either love this video more than any other video spoof ever or you will cry to the angels to free visions of it from your brain. Enjoy! » 12/18/14 11:50am 12/18/14 11:50am

Hilarious Black Friday Movie Trailer May as Well Be a Documentary

Many people believe that a day will come when all hell breaks loose and all civilization goes to shit—a veritable doomsday. But let's be real. That day comes every year, and it's called Black Friday. This silly trailer from Nacho Punch truly nails the psychological thriller that is shopping on Black Friday. » 11/23/14 3:02pm 11/23/14 3:02pm

Sesame Street Spoofs Star Wars with 'Star S'Mores' Parody

You might actually go insane if you tried to count all the adorable food puns in Sesame Street's latest parody, Star S'Mores. » 9/15/14 12:20pm 9/15/14 12:20pm

Jimmy Fallon Does a Perfect Kevin Spacey on 'House of Cue Cards'

It's about time someone did a send up of Kevin Spacey's utterly terrible yet still endearing Southern "accent" on House of Course. Of course it had to be noted skit-giggler Jimmy Fallon to take on the two-time Academy Award winner in such a devilishly perfect way. » 8/13/14 10:10am 8/13/14 10:10am

'Tuition' Is Beyoncé's 'Partition' Except About Student Loans

Here's what Beyoncé's "Partition" would sound like if Beyoncé had student loans: "Sallie Mae pay off my tuition please…" » 4/17/14 1:00pm 4/17/14 1:00pm

Delicious 'Partition' Parody Combines In-N-Out Burger and Beyoncé

The title— In N Out Mission — is a little clunky, but the rest of this In N Out-tailored parody of King B's Partition is on fucking point. » 4/02/14 11:20am 4/02/14 11:20am

Your First Annie Music Parody is Here: Behold 'It's A Freelance Life'

Well, it was inevitable. The music parodies of the not-t0-be-released-for-another-ten-months film Annie are already trickling in, and so far the film seems to be inspiring comedy greatness. » 3/06/14 8:30pm 3/06/14 8:30pm

Watch A Parody of Her That Imagines Seth Rogen As Him

I normally don't like these types of parodies (I'M WEIRD I KNOW) but this one was pretty cute. The parody, produced by Alison G. Vingiano, Paul Gale and Daniel Hubbard imagines what it would be like if the film Her had been made with a male character as the sultry computer voice. » 1/23/14 10:30pm 1/23/14 10:30pm

Here Is The Mean Girls Parody Starring Cats You Asked Santa For

You thought Santa forgot, didn't you? Well, he was just a little busy with some stuff. Sorry. But here it is, better late than never for you to enjoy and laugh at. » 1/22/14 9:30pm 1/22/14 9:30pm

What The World Needs Now: 'The (Gay) Bachelor' With George Takei

As an ashamed devotee of ABC's The Bachelor franchise, I've seen my share of humor videos parodying the show. And I'm happy to report that this one — featuring such gay boyfriends as George Takei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Lance Bass — is the best one yet. In fact, if The (Gay) Bachelor were a real show, I'd watch the… » 11/18/13 1:50pm 11/18/13 1:50pm

Hilariously Terrible Brad Pitt Chanel No. 5 Ad Gets the SNL Treatment…

If anything deserves a good mocking, it's Brad Pitt's new Chanel No. 5 ad, in which the actor rambles, "It's not a journey. Every journey ends. We go on. The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear. Dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are: My luck. My Fate. My Fortune. Chanel No.5, Inevitable."… » 10/22/12 12:10pm 10/22/12 12:10pm

CBS Is The Sexiest Network For Watching Sexy People Make Sexy Sex…

Finally, the lame "scandalized yet?" tone of CBS's sitcom sex jokes gets a send-up from the Upright Citizens Brigade's Leila Cohan-Miccio and Brandon Lisy. Because when you think "CBS," you definitely think, "intercourse!" CBS ain't no virgin T.V. network. From Two and a Half Men to 2 Broke Girls, that's like four… » 3/29/12 6:40pm 3/29/12 6:40pm

High Fashion Takes On QVC

It's been a while since we had a truly glorious Steven Meisel satire for a Vogue Italia cover editorial. In the past, the famous photographer has set his sights on celebrity rehab centers and extreme plastic surgery, but lately he's delivered more covers inspired by old movies and the 90s. Which is fine, but sometimes… » 1/13/12 5:40pm 1/13/12 5:40pm

Behold the Magical New Beauty Product That Fixes All Flaws & Solves All…

This parody ad for "Fotoshop" cosmetics comes to us from filmmaker Jesse Rosten. Rosten says, "I was watching TV one sleepless night and stumbled upon an infomercial for some beauty product. The commercial showed before and after portraits, that to my eye, looked like the same photo just photoshopped. I laughed to… » 1/10/12 2:45pm 1/10/12 2:45pm

Anthropologie Has Really Earned This Parody Blog

I think that scarf needs a "0" on the end of the price, but other than that, they've got this about right. UPDATE: They took my advice! The Internet is magic, you guys. » 10/10/11 6:15pm 10/10/11 6:15pm

What Would It Look Like If Courtney Stodden Tweeted The News?

Teen bride Courtney Stodden shocked America when she sauntered into the news after marrying former Lost actor Doug Hutchison, and it's been impossible for us to tear our eyes away from her since. Hutchison, at 51, is 35 years her senior, but their age difference is the least of what's compelling about this pair. There… » 10/07/11 2:00pm 10/07/11 2:00pm