NBC Puts Parks and Rec on the Bench to Save Sean Saves the World

It's been sort of a lackluster fall pilot season, I feel. Super Fun Night is mildly blah, love of my life Michael J. Fox's return to the screen has been mixed and I keep forgetting to watch Mom because CBS isn't on Hulu (and that's about as uncreative a name for a show as you can get). So the news that NBC has, in … »10/21/13 4:45pm10/21/13 4:45pm

The Hilarious, Occasionally Noxious, Marriage of Nick Offerman & Megan Mullally

“I wish I had a huge fart saved up to describe our love: silent but deadly,” says actor Nick Offerman. “Love is patient. Love is kind.” He looks over at his wife (the target of his noxious affection), actress and singer Megan Mullally. She shakes her head in mock disapproval before laughing and letting out an “Oh God!” »9/25/13 10:38pm9/25/13 10:38pm

How to Wear A&F While Fat, as Demonstrated by Jerry From 'Parks & Rec'

Ever since Abercrombie's blatant anti-fat business practices came to light, there has been a predictably huge amount of scorn for the nation's #1 retailer of tank tops with tiny pictures of moose on them. CEO Mike Jeffries's remarks in a 2006 interview with Salon have proved especially incendiary: "Candidly, we go… »5/17/13 3:35pm5/17/13 3:35pm

Aw, Leslie Knope Gets to Rub Elbows with Her Political Heroes

Here's a preview from this Thursday's Parks and Recreation premiere that shows the recently relocated Ben Wyatt — Best Boyfriend in the World — introducing a very emotional Leslie to her political heroes, Senators Barbara Boxer and Olympia Snowe. Yeah yeah, Leslie is a fictional character, but can you really tell me… »9/18/12 5:20pm9/18/12 5:20pm

Aziz Ansari Wrestles Nick Offerman, Predictably Gets Crushed

Parks and Recreation is coming back this fall (yay!) and to get you excited, they're borrowing a little of your leftover Olympic fever. Watch as Tom Haverford attempts to wrestle Ron Swanson to the ground, only to tucker himself out before even knocking Ron off balance. Still, let's be fair — is there anyone in the… »8/13/12 4:45pm8/13/12 4:45pm

Parks & Rec Cast Shares Their Shocking Hidden Talents

Unless someone smashed your remote control while you were watching CBS and you have a medical condition that restricts your movement, we're guessing you didn't watch the People's Choice Awards. Thankfully, our friends at Buzzfeed captured the best moment. You'd watch the cast of Parks & Rec do anything, so why not… »1/12/12 9:44pm1/12/12 9:44pm