'Faux Fur' Jacket at Kohl's Actually Trimmed With Raccoon Dog Pelt

I don't know about you, but when I purchase something, I like to feel confident it's what I've been promised. For instance: If I am acquiring a coat trimmed with "faux fur," I prefer that the fur actually be faux, as opposed to something called a "raccoon dog." » 9/24/14 4:00pm 9/24/14 4:00pm

Your Dog Is Not Your Child

The ongoing war between dog owners and kid owners is being raged anew in West Hollywood, where pissed pet parents are insisting that their furbabies deserve more space than human children in a brand new luxury park. They even have the mayor's support.
» 8/13/14 5:50pm 8/13/14 5:50pm

Disney to Finally Serve Booze at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando

One of the last booze-peddling holdouts in the theme park racket, Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, will now start offering beer and wine for the first time in its 41-year history, but only at the Beauty and the Beast-themed Be Our Guest restaurant set to open this November as part of the much-anticipated… » 9/19/12 10:30am 9/19/12 10:30am

Free Summer Events Are Free For A Reason: They Suck

According to The Onion, "the nation's boyfriends" are dreading summer's coming onslaught of free events in the park. Us too! Here's why: » 6/24/10 6:30pm 6/24/10 6:30pm

New Delhi Woman Creates Art For Community

Artist Sreejata Roy works in an unusual medium. She does not use paints or pastels, but rather creates her art out of the landscape of New Delhi. » 9/01/09 12:40pm 9/01/09 12:40pm