The Reinvention of Paris Hilton Is Upon Us

Welcome to our new world of po-mo-po-mo ouroboros, in which 2015 has warped into some kind of psychedelic sick joke: Donald Trump is dominating the headlines, Chipotle gives you e.coli, The Walking Dead still hasn’t killed off Carl (or, in Rick parlance, COORAL). Thankfully, there has been at least one constant in… »Yesterday 3:20pm11/30/15 3:20pm


Paris Hilton Falls Victim to Terrifying Plane Crash Prank

If you follow Paris Hilton closely on Instagram (like I do), you’ve probably seen posts of the former reality star’s many glamorous travels. Hilton is usually seen hopping on a plane to some beautiful, far-off place and on one of these trips, she became the target of a terrifying prank. A recent YouTube clip showed… »6/27/15 7:00pm6/27/15 7:00pm

Paris Hilton's New Song Rules, Just Like All Her Music (Seriously)

Mid-May, Cash Money Records recording artist and professional DJ Paris Hilton unleased the video for “High Off My Love,” a fairly pat electro banger splashed in rote, festival-friendly white-noise wash and the requisite trap interlude featuring label boss Birdman. It’s so dumb. I love it! »6/05/15 4:30pm6/05/15 4:30pm

Shade Court: Mother-In-Law Shade, Emojis, and VH1 Goes Off the Rails 

I apologize in advance for the abundance of Kardashians and Jenners in this week's Shade Court. Their presence reveals that even I am but a humble spoke in the wheel of this celebrity machine that they've built to ensure that they'll have more money than anyone could possibly spend in a lifetime. Either that, or… »2/20/15 3:45pm2/20/15 3:45pm

Hacker on His Way to Prison Is Sorry for Stealing Paris Hilton's Nudes

All the way back in 2005, Paris Hilton was the first celebrity (or "celebrity") to have nude photos stolen from her cellphone, when a hacker busted into her Sidekick and stole a trove of nude photos, text messages, to-do lists and famous people's phone numbers. That hacker was Cameron LaCroix, who's now 26 and very… »11/04/14 11:30am11/04/14 11:30am