Generous Governor Pardons Men Who Murdered Their Wives

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is leaving office today, and he's done something to ensure that a certain group will never forget him. People whose family members were murdered now have to live with the knowledge that their loved one's killer is on the loose because Barbour decided to pardon several inmates,… »1/10/12 12:15pm1/10/12 12:15pm


Obama Offers Things To Kvetch About Before Giving Thanks

Since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude — and Spencer »11/26/08 10:00am11/26/08 10:00am and I are not exactly grateful types — it's important to get all the bitching we can out of our system before summoning our most beauteous smiles and eating turkey with our families. This morning, we whine about John Forte's stupid lawyer, major hook-ups and…

Hillary Clinton Might Not Want Barack When Ted's On The Other Line

  • Hillary Clinton has not agreed to be Obama's Secretary of State even if she is officially offered it. [Politico]
  • She has, however, been asked to head Ted Kennedy's health reform task force next year. [The Hill]
  • Mr. Jowls will remain the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security. Jane Hamsher and others say, in so…
  • »11/18/08 6:40pm11/18/08 6:40pm

Wallace & Gromit Go High Fashion • Afghan Prez Pardons Bayonet Gang-Rapists

Posh UK department store Harvey Nichols has launched »8/25/08 5:30pm8/25/08 5:30pm an ad campaign starring Wallace, Gromit, and Wallace's love interest Lady Campanula. • The of rural Australian women moving to urban areas to peruse education and better jobs has lead to a "gender imbalance" all over the country. • The are in full swing in Hong…