Please Don't Ask Mindy Kaling Where Her Confidence Comes From

Mindy Kaling landed the new cover of Parade magazine, and in an interview, she talks about the attention paid to her appearance: » 9/27/13 2:40pm 9/27/13 2:40pm

FLOTUS heads up Parade magazine this week, making it clear that jewel tones are her still her power colors. She also says she got rid of the bangs because "it’s hard to make speeches with hair in your face!" » 8/15/13 1:10pm 8/15/13 1:10pm

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden Being Radiant on Cover of Parade

Our first lady and first lady of vice (ow!) looking oh so fine on the cover of the magazine that comes inside the newspapers. I love Parade because they once published a question of mine about Kim Basinger's wedding ring in their front "ask questions about celebrities" section. No shame, I was 13-years-old and I love… » 11/07/12 11:45pm 11/07/12 11:45pm

Why Does Parade Magazine Have A "Most Promiscuous" Category In Their…

Parade Magazine, home of Howard Huge and smartest woman alive, Marilyn Vos Savant, recently released the results of their "Summer 2009 Pop Culture Poll," and while the results aren't surprising, one of the categories certainly is. » 8/22/09 6:00pm 8/22/09 6:00pm

Tim Gunn Makes Conflict-Of-Interest Case Work