Woman Terrorizes Plane With Fake Leg, Slaps Passengers, Demands Smokes

A woman on a flight to Edinburgh went ballistic when she was told she couldn't have her own parachute or smoke cigarettes on her flight. That's when the prosthetic leg came off and the terror started. If this were a Lifetime movie, it would be called Legs On a Plane and would star Aviva Drescher. Unfortunately, this… » 7/31/14 6:20pm 7/31/14 6:20pm

Golden Girl

Aida Gemaque Mendes has, at 100, achieved her lifelong dream of an 8,000-foot parachute jump over the Brazilian city of Macapá. Said she, "I want to stroll in the sky, to feel a little closer to God." [GVO] » 12/29/09 5:45pm 12/29/09 5:45pm