Miley Cyrus Is Naked, Covered in Gunk and Hugging a Pig in PAPER

Have you ever wondered what Miley Cyrus would look like if she were naked and hugging a pig? At least one person probably has, and now—thanks to PAPER—everyone is lucky enough to know. Cyrus is currently gracing the cover of the magazine’s summer issue while clutching her friendly-looking pal, and there’s plenty more… »6/09/15 2:15pm6/09/15 2:15pm


Times Column on Kim Kardashian's Butt Is a Piping Hot Pile of Garbage

"Fear of Kim Kardashian's Derriére," Joyce Wadler's "funny" column in this week's Sunday Times, was so ill-considered that it inspired the most embarrassing Correction in years. But the paper of record quoting an unfunny satirical blog post as though it were real news wasn't the least of its offenses. »11/24/14 2:30pm11/24/14 2:30pm

The 'Paper' Nightlife Awards: We Came, We Saw, We Mocked Perez Hilton

Last night I joined forces with our dear Slut Machine to go and root for our very own Nikola Tamindzic at Paper magazine's annual Nightlife Awards. Darling Nikola was up for Nightlife Photographer of the Year! He lost, not because he isn't the best (he is) but because the whole thing was clearly rigged: That nasty-ass… »10/30/07 2:00pm10/30/07 2:00pm