The Children's Treasury of Creepy Paper Dolls

There's something very satisfying about paper dolls; I'm not sure if it's their orderly little rectangular tabs, their two-dimensional simplicity, or my fond memories of devising dramatic plot lines with my extensive "Titanic" themed paper doll set (yep). These paper doll sets, however, range from uncanny to… » 9/23/13 4:50pm 9/23/13 4:50pm

Orange Is the New Black Paper Dolls for Your Litchfield Diorama

One of the best things about Orange Is the New Black is also one of the most frustrating. The show has so many great characters with such great and intricate back stories that it never feels like your particular favorite ever gets enough screen time. Ah, the infuriating beauty of a talented ensemble cast! » 8/20/13 1:10pm 8/20/13 1:10pm

The Gap's New Ad Campaign Sounds... Incredibly Groundbreaking!

  • We are apparently the only people who were moved to buy Gap's skinny pants by those Audrey Hepburn TV commercials because, this year, the retailer's campaign is print-only, featuring famous and semi-famous people in black and white magazine spreads. [We saw it in 'Vanity Fair' and it is soooooo alluring. -Ed] [NYT]
  • » 8/03/07 10:00am 8/03/07 10:00am