Doctors: Nuns Should Take The Pill For Its Non-Whorish Benefits

Women around the world struggle with the moral and practical implications of the Catholic Church's opposition to birth control, and now researchers are arguing that the church should actually encourage some women to go on the Pill. Not because all women should be able to have control over their reproductive health,… »12/08/11 3:30pm12/08/11 3:30pm


Catholic Church Extends Forgiveness For Abortion, But Only Through Sunday

If you're a Catholic woman who's had an abortion and are interested in no longer being excommunicated, you should make your way to Madrid — fast. In a special, limited-time offer, the church is making it easier for those who confess to having an abortion to obtain absolution and rejoin the church. »8/19/11 5:40pm8/19/11 5:40pm