Mitt Romney Vows to 'Get Rid' of Planned Parenthood Like It's an…

Yesterday, Mitt Romney, desperate, alone, and faced with the horrifying possibility that 9 months from now, he might not be the President-elect, promised supporters that he'd "get rid of" Planned Parenthood. Just eliminate the whole thing. No one has to know. By this time next year, it'll be like this whole "providing… » 3/14/12 11:20am 3/14/12 11:20am

Are Women Receiving Too Many Tests For Cervical Cancer?

Since early detection is so important, you may think that you can't be too vigilant when screening for cervical cancer. However, a new government study says doctors aren't following guidelines on HPV checks, and it could have a negative effect on women's health. » 6/21/11 11:28pm 6/21/11 11:28pm

The Possibility Of Relief From Your Annual Pap Smear Hell

Some news for the health of your nether regions: one study suggests it's safe for women to get a pap smear and HPV test every three years if your last test was normal, and another says men should also get the HPV vaccine. Let's discuss. » 5/19/11 1:25pm 5/19/11 1:25pm

Kathy Griffin's Poolside Pap Smear Will Be Televised

Inspired by Katie Couric's on-air colonoscopy, today Kathy Griffin will film herself getting a pap smear to raise awareness about cervical cancer. Unlike Couric, Griffin's exam will be performed poolside, and she's "vajazzled" her lady bits for the occasion. » 4/16/10 5:00pm 4/16/10 5:00pm