Female Jockey Doesn't "Ride Like A Girl"

Twenty-three year old Rosie Napravnik learned to ride horses before she could walk. This weekend, she will be the jockey on a horse called Pants On Fire, and possibly be the first woman to win the Kentucky Derby. According to CBS News, only five women have ever ridden the in the Kentucky Derby. Not one of them… » 5/06/11 1:30pm 5/06/11 1:30pm

Gore Accuser's Pants Not Stained With Sex-Poodle Semen

Apparently Al Gore's accuser's pants are no Lewinsky dress — analysis determined that the pants were not stained with semen. That said, Gore's reputation will likely be stained by the phrase "sex poodle." » 7/16/10 4:17pm 7/16/10 4:17pm

Men Lie More Than Women, But Both Lie To Mom

Despite the much-discussed prevalence of lies in intimate relationships, adults actually lie the most to the same person kids try to deceive: Mom. » 5/18/10 9:30am 5/18/10 9:30am

Some "Little White Lies" Are Actually Pretty Damn Gross

A reader tipped us to this piece by Maura Kelly of Marie Claire, titled "3 Little White Lies Men Should Always Tell," wherein she lays out three rules for men to follow. Unsurprisingly, they're a bit sketchy. » 8/08/09 12:30pm 8/08/09 12:30pm

"Christian Grifter" Apologizes For Fake Doll-Baby Hoax

In a post titled "i am sorry," "April's-Mom" wrote, "I know this post will not change what has been done. I don't expect it to, but I do hope it helps with some of the hurt that I have caused." » 6/16/09 12:30pm 6/16/09 12:30pm

Anti-Abortion Blogger's Miracle Baby Was, In Fact, A Doll

'"I have that exact doll in my house," said Elizabeth Russell, a dollmaker from Buffalo who had been following the blog. "As soon as I saw that picture, I knew it was a scam."' » 6/12/09 4:00pm 6/12/09 4:00pm