Men Are Really Excited Over Lululemon's "Anti-Ball Crushing" Pants 

Lululemon, hawker of overpriced yoga pants that pill because you're fat, hasn't been performing financially well as of late. Between a class action lawsuit and a strict return policy, Lululemon seems like a company that can't dig its way out of its problems. Indeed, they suffered an eight percent profit drop in the… »3/28/15 1:45pm3/28/15 1:45pm

Middle School Bans Tight Pants Because They 'Distract the Boys'

Instead of teaching students to respect each other, a misguided middle school in northern California is telling its girls to no longer wear pants that are "too tight" because it "distracts the boys". Yes, because deviant dames in body conscious clothing are yet another reason men aren't succeeding in this world, and… »4/09/13 1:10pm4/09/13 1:10pm

Wearing These Penis Leggings Will Turn You Into a Total Dick

The other day, I was sitting in the window at a cafe when a girl walked by wearing these muscle leggings paired with super high heels and a leather jacket. You could tell she thought she looked amazing, but the sight of her apparently skinless legs had everyone doing double takes of sheer horror. I did a complex… »5/14/12 9:45pm5/14/12 9:45pm

No, Abercrombie Isn't Selling 'N***** Brown' Pants

We received multiple tips today with links to an online store that calls itself the Abercrombie & Fitch Outlet, to a product in the store called "N***** Brown Pants." Using a racial slur as a youthful, carefree, and edgy touch in a product name would be a totally fucked up, racist thing for Abercrombie to do — if the… »3/22/12 4:45pm3/22/12 4:45pm

British Apparel Company Thinks Laundry Is Strictly Women’s Work

While picking up the clothes her slovenly-sounding boyfriend had strewn across the floor, British journalist Emma Barnett noticed that the label of said boyfriend's pants offered a quirky suggestion for washing the pair of pants whenever it accumulated an intolerable amount of floor grime: Give it to your woman. »3/08/12 10:35pm3/08/12 10:35pm

See The First Woman To Wear Pants In Congress In 1969

Chatter about Rep. Barney Frank's schlumpy attire on the House floor earlier this week prompted the Washington Post to take a look back at other sartorial scandals in D.C., including the controversy over the first woman to step onto the House floor in pants. On Dec. 24, 1969, Rep. Charlotte T. Reid (R-Ill.) caused a… »12/22/11 1:40pm12/22/11 1:40pm