Another Alarmist Story About Teen Girl's Sex Lives

Because a woman named Kerry Cohen has written a book called Dirty Little Secret that looks at the current sex lives of our female teenage youth, Good Morning America used the opportunity to create freakout news package. Anchor JuJu Chang gathered up a panel of teen girls and "two older women who admit they were once… » 9/22/11 6:25pm 9/22/11 6:25pm

Are Dads Cool With Their Sons Wearing Pink? An 'Investigation'

Good Morning America has gone ahead and created a non-issue out of a few Dads feeling weird about their sons wearing pink. We know how much GMA loves their panels, so they gathered a group of fathers and a separate group of little dudes to get some opinions on the non-matter. The series of questioning involved the… » 7/18/11 11:30am 7/18/11 11:30am