Sarah Palin Has Gone Batshit Insane Over the 'War on Christmas'

Sarah Palin, a human angry telephone call from an apoplectic aunt whose opinion you long ago stopped valuing, is BACK (I didn't realize that she'd gone away, otherwise I'd had spent more time cherishing my precious Palin-free days). The former Alaska governor and current Alaska embarrassment's recent media blitz has… »11/11/13 2:00pm11/11/13 2:00pm

People Still Donating Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Sarah Palin, For Some Reason

Sarah Palin's creatively named "Sarah PAC" has spent $774,000 in the third quarter of this year and taken in more than $800,000, ostensibly from an invisible class people that have tons of disposable income and somehow lack any goddamn sense. So what's the former Governor of Alaska cum professional shouting machine… »10/15/12 4:35pm10/15/12 4:35pm

Sarah Palin Still Hasn't Been Invited to the Republican National Convention

Looks like we've got a Republican etiquette concern on our hands, folks. Even after what seems like a centuries-long career of tossing meaningless word salad live on cable news, Alaska governor possible Presidential candidate rural mayor victor in the battle to overturn the Affordable Care Act hockey mom yammering… »7/17/12 1:20pm7/17/12 1:20pm

Holy Flippin' Crap: What We Learned From Sarah Palin's Emails

Thousands and thousands of pages of Sarah Palin's emails were released to the public this week. Turns out, the former governor and current just plain normal person drivin' around Real America in a bus tastefully emblazoned with a picture of the US constitution almost as big as her hair was busy before she quit halfway… »6/12/11 3:02pm6/12/11 3:02pm