It's Now Illegal To Throw Acid On Women In Pakistan

A pair of bills passed by Pakistan's parliament today have made it illegal to throw acid on women or force them into prostitution. Progress! » 12/12/11 7:15pm 12/12/11 7:15pm

Pakistani Legislator Says Women "Mentally Torture" Men

A Pakistani legislator quipped that it's "bitter truth that the same way women are tortured in rural areas, men are the victims of mental torture in urban neighborhoods." Luckily, there were female legislators on hand to lay the smackdown. » 3/10/11 4:30pm 3/10/11 4:30pm

Czech Political Figures Pose For Sexy Calendar

• Women are making major headway in Czech politics. Weirdly, they have decide to celebrate this fact by releasing a racy calendar featuring photos of some of the leading female members of the Public Affairs party. » 7/09/10 5:12pm 7/09/10 5:12pm