Restoration of One of Queen Elizabeth's Paintings Reveals a Man Taking a Dump 

When you own an extensive art collection—as does Queen Elizabeth II—you’ll occasionally need to send a couple of pieces out for some restoration work. Which is how conservators uncovered a man popping a squat and taking a poop in the corner of a 17th century Dutch painting that once belonged to George IV. »11/05/15 2:15pm11/05/15 2:15pm


Woman Might Have Luckily Bought a Renoir at a Flea Market for Fifty Bucks

There are some people, ahem, Steve Martin, who pay handsome sums of money for handsome forgeries of subjectively handsome works of art, and then there are a rare bunch of thrifty art collectors who manage to find genuine art buried under piles of crap at flea markets. This is, in fact, the very stroke of luck that… »9/09/12 3:00pm9/09/12 3:00pm