Documentary Packed in a Trunk Unveils Edith Lake Wilkinson's Lost Art

In 1924, under dubious circumstances, painter Edith Lake Wilkinson was committed to an asylum for the mentally ill. Her paintings were locked away in a trunk, mailed to a relative, and cloistered for 40 years. Now, HBO documentary Packed in a Trunk brushes off the dust and returns Wilkinson’s artwork to daylight. » 7/07/15 3:15pm 7/07/15 3:15pm

People Mad at Cafe for Not Showing Enough Nudity

Usually it's people complaining that art shows too much skin and trying to bring more censorship into the picture. But there's a been a refreshing—if somewhat ridiculous—reversal at one Brooklyn cafe. The Tea Lounge, which is in the very child-friendly neighborhood of Park Slope, attempted to make itself less… » 1/23/12 10:20am 1/23/12 10:20am

Woman Rubs Her Butt on $30 Million Painting

You probably made an ass of yourself the last time you were drunk, but as long as you didn't rub your ass on any expensive artwork there's someone out there who's more mortified than you are. Yesterday 36-year-old Carmen Tisch was charged with felony criminal mischief for punching, scratching, and sliding her butt… » 1/05/12 11:24pm 1/05/12 11:24pm