Carly Fiorina Takes Brave Stance Against Paid Maternity Leave Mandate 

In a Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Carly Fiorina said that she opposes federally mandated paid maternity leave. “I’m not saying I oppose paid maternity leave. What I’m saying is I oppose the federal government mandating paid maternity leave to every company out there,” the Republican primary candidate said. »8/09/15 2:15pm8/09/15 2:15pm


John Oliver Marks Mother's Day with a Plea for Paid Maternity Leave

Before we move on from Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment with John Oliver to appreciate the grand irony of this particular holiday and its accompanying orgy of marketing: “In America, there is nothing we wouldn’t do for moms—apart from one major thing.” Which is, of course, paid maternity leave. Motherhood: we love it… »5/11/15 9:50am5/11/15 9:50am

The US Is Still the Only Industrialized Nation Without Maternity Leave

Bald eagles? Meh. Apple pie? You can get that at McDonalds in Europe. Jingoism? Ever seen the Olympics? Everyone's into that. If you're looking for the most quintessentially American trait, look no further than the way this country expects new mothers to pull themselves up by the umbilical cords. »1/15/14 11:50am1/15/14 11:50am